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Karen Schaller is a seasoned independent consultant specializing in fundraising databases. With more than 20 years of experience, she has supported community nonprofits in leveraging fundraising software to enhance their campaign endeavors. Her understanding of nonprofit operations stems from her tenure at Gary Friedmann & Associates and BHC Consulting Group. While Karen has a range of database expertise, she currently specializes in Little Green Light.

My Work Ethic

“I focus on integrity and common sense in the services I provide. The relationships I foster involve clients, vendors, donors, and the communities they support. My following pledge serves as the basis for these relationships.

I provide quality products and services that respond to my clients’ current and changing needs.

I treat my clients fairly, honestly, and objectively.

Mutual respect and trust are central to all of my training and consulting practices. I foster a team approach to problem solving.

I aggressively pursue client goals and objectives, while keeping ethical standards at the forefront of my activities.

In the community of which I am a member, I act ethically and responsibly and in compliance with all laws.”

~ Karen Schaller