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Your database should function as an institutional memory for your organization. It should serve your organization as an invaluable asset, not a chore. As a consultant, Karen works with nonprofits to learn their database needs and evaluate their current software use. She helps nonprofits choose and install new databases. As your donor pool grows, you have more and more information to manage. With the appropriate software, rich, abundant information is beneficial to your nonprofit, not overwhelming. Karen helps nonprofits handle new information, merge and update old sources, and most importantly, make data accessible, analyzable, and profitable.

Data Evaluation

Data evaluation involves assessing your fundraising data and procedures for coding and utilization. With your organization’s needs and mission in mind, Karen targets inefficiencies and makes recommendations to maximize the performance of your current fundraising software. There’s a good chance you’re not utilizing all of your software’s capacities. As a consultant, Karen provides an honest, objective assessment of what you can accomplish with your current database, or what other software package might better serve the needs of your organization.

Data Clean Up

When it’s necessary to make changes in your data to support the effectiveness of your fundraising software, Karen can help you implement those changes or evaluate features provided with your software that may enable updates and reorganization of existing data.

Database Conversions

Converting data to new software often involves reorganization; Karen properly updates and formats all data for future access. Depending on your organization’s needs, she can edit and import data into a new data file, or guide this process as necessary if you elect to create the data file yourself. Karen eliminates guess work and standardizes information entry to make the transition smooth and beneficial, always keeping your organization’s needs and concerns at the forefront of her work.

Database Training

Your software is only as effective as the knowledge powering it. Karen provides onsite or online training sessions for your staff. Keeping your employees well-trained and your database up-to-date reduces costs, increases productivity, and is crucial for successful management.

To provide the most relevant instruction, sessions are taught using your data and current work. In this way, you familiarize yourself with the limitations, possibilities, and operations of your software in a hands-on setting while addressing the specific needs of your organization and its database. Karen draws from hands-on experience to provide tips to maximize the performance potential of your fundraising database.

Online training is conducted via remote access. This allows for short, focused sessions, which have proven to be most effective for learning retention, and eliminates travel costs. The trainings are comfortable—at your own desk and at your own pace.

Interaction is friendly and helpful. Karen is respectful of all technical abilities and patient in her instruction.